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    It is an exclusive coaching retreat that focuses on human development and growth. The Coaching Escape has been skilfully designed to provide you with the perfect space & environment where you can tap into your full potential, find clarity of mind, revisit your sense of purpose and direction in your personal as well as professional life and most importantly, connect with the truest version of yourself.


    The Coaching Escape runs regularly in the British countryside near London and it is based on four key pillars: tailored personal coaching, specialised self-development workshops & group exercises, physical activities (yoga, cycling, walks, swimming), mindfulness in nature (silent walks).



    Away from everyday distractions, morning rushes & angry looks, we take you to a place where you can connect with nature, reflect on what is really important to you in life, take time to think, feel & connect. We take you there to get off the track, step off the race, breath deeper, walk slower, look around and feel alive.



    Our next Coaching Escape will be focusing on self-confidence, with specialised workshops, exclusive confidence techniques and group discussions.




    Watch out for the next available dates


    4/5 * Hotels in the British Countryside

    Surrounded by the beautiful Royal Landscape: Valley Gardens, Windsor Great Park, Savill Gardens and Virginia Water.





    Individual Sessions (2x1 hour)

    We provide you with structure, support, skills and technical tools to help you turn your personal & professional goals into reality.





    Fully Present & Aware

    We introduce you to mindfulness in nature in order to expand your understanding of the essence of being fully present and aware.





    Activate Your Body

    As part of this experience we want you to reconnect with your inner self, not only through coaching & mindfulness, but also through the active embodiment of your physical powers. Get ready for some empowering YOGA classes, combined with guided meditation.





    Your Time Alone​

    In between the coaching sessions & other activities, we give you the crucial time to relax, reflect and be with yourself without any distractions. Plus, this is a great opportunity for you to use the spa & health facilities at the venue.




    Further Consultation & Coaching

    Following the Coaching Escape weekend, we provide you with further support in the form of 30 min coaching or free consultation. You will also become a member of our online CE Community.




    What the Coaching Escape participants say ...

    "A wonderful weekend of learning, discovering, exploring, reflecting, coaching sessions, mindfulness walks, yoga, meditation, cycling, deep and interesting conversations, space to think and be. A very well put together package. We thoroughly enjoyed the coaching sessions with Dr. Rakish Rana and Patrycja Skurzak. Thank you for being amazing hosts and facilitating a lovely environment to express and enjoy" July 2017



    Aarti Parmar

    "This weekend has exceeded my expectations. Patrycja and Rakish made sure that there was a right balance of everything - coaching, relaxation, group chats and other activities. The location was absolutely beautiful and very peaceful - just what I needed" September 2016


    Alisa P.

    "Amazing combination of coaching , physical activities and mindfulness. It was a very relaxing, eye-opening and inspiring experience - highly recommendable!" September 2016



    Monika Ciereszko

    "Highly recommend this weekend to anyone who would like to gain some clarity, focus, enjoy some 'me' time, connect with nature and other wonderful like-minded people." July 2017



    Aarti Parmar

    "It was a great experience. Made me realise that I need to take more time for myself and I would love to do this more regularly. Patrycja and Rakish were not only amazing coaches but also wonderful hosts" May 2017







    What's included:

    •  1-night stay in 4/5* Hotel, (dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday, free Wi-Fi, free parking & use of leisure facilities: sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pool, gym, tennis court etc.)
    • 2 individual coaching sessions (1:2:1 with one of the Life Coaches) and 2 professional yoga classes with guided meditation
    • Workshops on personal development as well as mindfulness walks and other activities

    Individual coaching will enable you to:

    • Create the space to think about and explore what is really fundamental to you & start taking more effective and focused actions immediately
    • Become aware of patterns of thinking and behaviour that have been holding you back or hindering your progress / identifying your fears to help you set better goals that are based on what you really want 
    • Take positive action towards your desired goals in a systematic & continuous fashion and be supported & challenged to achieve the life you really want to have

    Patricia and Rakish, both having worked in the corporate world, are London-based coaches who are passionate about helping people unleash their full potential by finding clarity, direction & purpose.

    Patrycja Skurzak

    Confidence Coach

    Rakish Rana

    Executive Life Coach ​

  • YOGA

    Marina is a long-time yoga practitioner and a graduate of Yogacampus in London with over 25 years professional experience in teaching and researching at University level, and working as an art curator.

    Marina Wallace

    Yoga Teacher



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    "The most dangerous risk of all: the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you will be able to buy the time to do it later."


    - Randy Komisar